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Happy 2010!

It has been a long time since I’ve written on Lavender&Cocoa, and I’ve missed it!  I hope everyone had a lovely last few months leading to 2010!  It certainly was a busy, sometimes crazy, time for me and Hubby.  But we survived and are excited for this New Year and Decade.  To keep us sane from all the busy craziness these past couple of months, we took some trips, met some new friends, played in snow, and cooked, cooked, cooked.  Hubby made yet another perfect Queen of Sheba, which we served our lovely dinner guests for the New Year celebration.  I learned how to make lumpia, which are Filipino egg-rolls.  It was tedious, time consuming, but oh so rewarding!  On the design side, I’m happy to report that I’m sooooo close to finishing our second bedroom/home office and have finally found that perfect white sofa to fill our space and function needs (see previous story).  I’ll be sure to post before and after pics so you can see the transformation.  It has taken quite some time to get this room just right, and I think we’ve finally got it.  I’ve just got two items on the to-do list, and it’ll be done!  Since pictures can better convey what I’ve missed writing about over the past couple of months since my last post, I’ve created a collage posted here to tell my story.


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