Food Carts in Portland

I’m having a late start this morning, made even later by my discovery of Food Carts Portland. It’s a blog about, well, food carts in Portland. It provides where the food carts are located, what they serve, and what the authors recommend you eat. And the cuisine selection presented on the site is just as diverse (perhaps even more diverse) as going to  You’ll find food carts specializing in cultural cuisines like Thai, African-Caribbean, Peruvian, and Middle Eastern.  Of course, the essential hot dog stand is featured as well as other specialty foods like cheese steak, pizza, waffles, and even pastry carts.  Who would have thought that Portland could have as thriving a food cart culture as New York City?  This is great!  Find yourself traveling to Portland?  Try one of the food carts showcased on the blog and let me know what you think!

Here’s a sampling of the recent highlights on Food Carts Portland:


Asaase Ital Palace



**All photos above from Food Carts Portland.


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  1. oooh, a Thai food cart? I love it.

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