Getting Stuck in Chicago Ain’t Bad

Hubby and I were in Chicagoland this past weekend visiting his family and a couple of our friends and having a grand ‘ole time. But when it came to Sunday, we were ready to come home and get our week started. Do you ever just feel like being home? Well, this week is like that for me. Unfortunately, our flight got cancelled due to weather issues, and we were not rebooked until the following day on an early evening flight. So what do you do? Not wanting to further impose on family or friends (and realizing how awesome it was to have an excusable day off work), we decided to leave the VERY looooooonnnnggggg line we were standing in at the American Airlines terminal and make the best of the situation. Luckily, Hubby had free points to spare on his Kimpton card and was able to secure us a lovely, el primo room at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Chicago. Imagine our surprise when we got to the hotel, and the registration dude (what do you call these guys?) told us that we were upgraded to a suite! I once wanted to quit my job to be an interior designer because of all the pretty things one gets to look at if one was an interior designer. But I never followed through with that dream (hence the blog). If I was though, I would love to work for Kimpton and design lovely hotels like this one:

Hallway at Hotel Monaco Chicago
Entre to our hotel suite.

Living Space
Living area of our suite

Only at a Kimpton - Funky Patterns and Splashes of Color
Only at a Kimpton — funky patterns and splashes of color

Interior Room
Opposite of bed. Check out the window seat, which could double as another bed. The cushion is as big as a twin mattress! Great idea for small spaces in need of additional sleeping areas.

Reading Nook

Umm.. yeah, this is a nice view.
Outside our window. Umm… yeah, this is a nice view.

Pete, our adopted goldfish for the night
And of course, Pete, our adopted goldfish for the night. (Yes, at a Kimpton hotel, you can borrow the company of a goldfish if you get too lonely!)

Needless to say, we were able to have a little QT and enjoyed the sights of the city. So, next time you get stuck at an airport trying to rebook that cancelled flight — whip out your rewards credit card or hotel points card and just say — “to hell with it! I’m gonna have me a good time!”


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