World’s Longest Yardsale Finds

They’re finally here. Thank you, FedEx for delivering them safely!

Japanese Mini Vase
You may recall this beauty from my very first post.
Started at $5, walked away at $3.00. But as the yardsale went on, we got better at our bargaining!

Milk Glass YS
Various milk glass items. From left to right: hobnail (that’s the pattern) candleholders, Fenton (we were told that’s the maker) rose pedestal candy dish (aka compote), hobnail bowl (we think this is also Fenton-made), and Fenton milk glass hobnail double crimped vase. The name “milk glass” refers to the “milky” color (if you haven’t gotten that already). We saw a lot of white ones at the yardsale, but I understand that this sort of glass comes in other colors too, like blue and pink. Milk glass was intended to look like porcelain, but was less expensive to produce. Total collection: $25. Not sure if we overpaid for one of them; the rose pedestal bowl was $15. Everything else was below $10.

Milk Glass Vase YS
Milk glass hobnail vase. According to this site, the maker is Anchor Hocking Glass Co., c1960 or 1970. Going for $15 on the site; I got it for $2 a the yardsale.

Fragonard Prints YS
Fragonard prints for $3. I think the guy who sold it to us didn’t know they were signed. If you look very closely at the bottom left or right of the prints, you can see the name “Fragonard.” Okay, nix that idea. There’s no way you can tell from the picture, but I promise it’s there! Anyhoo, Jean-Honore Fragonard was a French artist popular during the late Rococo period (18th century), characterized by lavish opulence, a taste for the exotic, and ornamentation. Living up to his time, Fragonard’s most popular works were genre paintings depicting scenes of intimacy and pleasure. The ones we bought are at least PG-13!

Lamp YS
Italian lamp (I think also from the Rococo period) for my Mom’s bedside table. She was looking for something with height, and I think we found it. Started at $5, walked away at $1.50!

Lamp Foot YS
Mom’s lamp, up close and personal. Rococo, lavish, ornate, see what I mean?

Mirror YS
I know, just a plain mirror (for now) — but I plan to paint it white so it will go fabulously well against my liquid blue wall!

Quartz Clock
Elegant little clock that I got for a buck. I know, it’s a little scratched, but I think it’s lovely. On my way to completing the home office/guest room look!

French Lamps YS
My most prized find — a pair of French lamps that I got for $6 buckaroos! Aren’t they beautiful? If anyone knows more about these lamps (period, style, etc.) please do share!


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