The Hunt for the White(ish) Convertible Sofa is Over (or so I Hope)!

I finally found it!  After a LONG TIME searching for the perfect, convertible, white sofa for my newly re-painted-now-liquid-blue-formerly-buttery-yellow home office/guest room, I think I’ve finally found one.  After several disappointments (“oh, it’s too long. No, it can’t fit width-wise.  It’s not white enough.  It’s too white.  It’s too modern.  It’s too classic.  It’s not eclectic enough), I think I got it.  Thank you, West Elm gods!  You won’t believe how very little selection of lighter-than-beige-as-close-to-white-as-possible-but-not-too-white convertible sofas/sofa beds there are out there. Affordable ones, anyway. Here are the contenders (in no particular order and picture size is no indication of preference, that’s just how they got downloaded):

Contender #1: Ikea Ektorp
Ikea Ektorp

Contender #2: Ikea Hagalund
Ikea Hagalund

Contender #3: Ikea Karlstad
Ikea Karlstad

Contender #4: West Elm Convertible Sofa
West Elm Convertible Sofa (in Pumice)

And the winner is…. (I think):

West Elm’s Clark Sofa
West Elm Clark Sofa 1

West Elm Clark Sofa 2

I’m going to the store later after work to check it out! Please, please, please be the one!



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7 responses to “The Hunt for the White(ish) Convertible Sofa is Over (or so I Hope)!

  1. I absolutely love it! It’s a great find, good luck shopping today. I hope you get it.

    • lavendercocoa

      Thanks for the vote of approval, margauxhf! I really liked it! They didn’t have it in the color that I wanted (pumice) in the store, so I’m going to order it online. I’m excited!

  2. Of course!
    Well I guess shopping online works just as well as in the store. The couch is definitely worth the search, it’s very nice.

  3. Daisy

    Do tell – Is the West Elm Clark sofa all you hoped?

    Is it comfortable to sleep on?

    • lavendercocoa

      Hi Daisy – Unfortunately, the West Elm Clark Sofa did not work out for me. On a comfort level, I’d say its a 3 out of 5. It’s comfortable enough for a weekend guest, if you don’t think your guest will mind the tufting. It is also more comfortable if you sleep toward one side because the middle sinks due to the crease. It looked really nice though, and my opinion is but one! As you see margauxhf (above) loved it. Anyway, I ended up going with the Ektorp, which you can actually fold out into a “twouble” (larger than twin, smaller than a double) size bed. And the color worked better for the room. Hope this helps!

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